Recycle E-waste with KGS and up your sustainability game with susGain

KGS E-waste Bin in Suntec City

We have all experienced this before. Whenever we purchase a new electronic device or when our old devices die on us, we struggle to find a good way to dispose of them. Nowadays, recycling electronic waste is much easier than before. Thanks to the internet, we have tools such as the NEA website to tell us where is the nearest e-waste bin to deposit our old devices.

KGS is a home-grown e-waste recycling company is Singapore and has built an extensive network of e-waste bins across the country. KGS has partnered with NEA to offer channels to recycle non-regulated e-waste for the public in addition to its usual e-waste recycling services. Not only does KGS recycles, but KGS also works with charities like Engineering Good and SG Bono to create the “Be The Light” laptop donation program. Through this program, old useable laptops are given a new life in helping to close the digital gap for low-income families.

KGS is on susGain App

susGain is a rewards-based engagement app to drive sustainable behavioural change within communities. KGS is happy to have onboarded both its network of e-waste bins and the “Be The Light” laptop donation program within the app. Users can recycle e-waste and donate laptops via the app and gain in-app points to do good with their impact partners such as planting trees, clearing plastic waste, and providing lunch to poor students.

On the susGain app, you can find many other sustainability-related activities for you to participate in and explore. Not only you can have fun with all the activities, but you can also earn points to do good.

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Although the rise of electronic tech devices has contributed to the increase of e-waste, the use of good tech and good companies can be the solution. Download your susGain app and start doing good sustainably today!