What is IT asset disposition (ITAD)?

You might have heard of the term ITAD (pronounced as ai-ted) being used and wonder what does it mean? It stands for Information Technology Asset Disposition (or Disposal, used interchangeably). It is a term used by the IT department or related service providers to refer to the handling of IT assets such as laptops, computers, servers, networking equipment, etc when they reach their useful life for their original user.

Information Technology Asset Disposition – Handling of IT Assets

What does ITAD Comprise of?

Typically, an ITAD service provider will offer the following:

  • Collection – service providers such as KGS, often offer collection services to help you with the heavy lifting of equipment in a safe and secure manner to their facility for further processing. Assets will be recorded and weighed.
  • Data destruction – Often this old hardware still contains data and it must be properly erased before the next steps. Depending on clients’ requirements, data destruction services can be performed on-site at clients’ locations or be brought back for off-site destruction processes. Service providers like KGS will provide a certificate of destruction to assure you of the integrity of the destruction process. This is a crucial step in preventing data leakages.
  • Refurbish/Recycle – the assets will be categorized, inspected, and sorted based on the device type and conditions. Those in better conditions can be refurbished and resold for a second life of usage. This reduces the materials, energy, and carbon emissions associated with making a new device. Those which are not repairable would then be taken apart and sorted into components or materials for further recycling.
  • No Incineration/Landfill – with the processes mentioned above, responsible service providers like KGS will greatly minimise or even prevent any material from being sent to the incinerator and landfill.
ITAD disposal process helps to give proper IT assets assessment

Why is IT Asset Disposition Important?

As companies quickly cycle through batches of IT assets to keep up with the latest technology, the disposal process becomes increasingly important. They contain heavy and precious metals and toxic substances which will be an environmental concern if not handled properly. KGS, being an ITAD service provider and an e-waste recycler, is well positioned to help clients give the IT assets proper assessment, a chance for a second life, and environmentally responsible recycling.

Another aspect of ITAD is data security. Severe data breaches can come from the disposal process which is often treated as an afterthought. Guidelines from PDPC include disposal as a critical area of concern with regard to cyber security.

If you are looking for advice on your IT cycle and ITAD, feel free to contact us at KGS at enquiry@kgs.com.sg or contact form and our friendly staff will advise and assist you every step of the way ensuring proper handling and great service.