What We Know so Far About the Upcoming EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

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It has been announced that an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme will be rolling out in July 2021. This means that there will be a proper channel for consumers to dispose of their e-waste responsibly. (List of e-waste included)

Features you can expect from the EPR Scheme:

Retailer Take Back Service

Consumers can expect a free take-back service when they purchase a new electronic item from a retailer

Public E-Waste Bins

KGS E-Waste Bin
KGS E-Waste Bin
  1. There will be hundreds of e-waste bins scattered in residential areas across Singapore where you can deposit your e-waste
  2. There will be a regular clearing of e-waste bins for proper recycling

Ad-Hoc Doorstep Collection Service

This will be a paid service where you can call for an ad-hoc e-waste disposal service at your home

More Awareness Drives

  1. More advertisements on e-waste to be expected on various media channels
  2. Educational workshops for the public

The EPR scheme is squarely focused on residential or mass consumer electronic waste and not so much for offices. So if your organization requires e-waste disposal services, KGS is poised to serve your needs especially if storage media are involved. KGS offers various data sanitization services before they recycle your electronic waste responsibly.

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