Why does on-site/mobile paper shredding suck?

Are you looking for a reliable way to dispose of your sensitive documents? You may be considering on-site paper shredding as an option. While on-site paper shredding does offer some benefits, there are also some disadvantages to consider.

Additional Logistic Costs

One major disadvantage of on-site paper shredding is the cost. The shredding company will need to bring specialized equipment to your location, which can make the service more expensive than off-site shredding. This cost may increase if you have a large volume of documents to shred.


Extra Time Taken to Complete Job

Another drawback of on-site paper shredding is the time it takes. The shredding process must be completed on-site, which may disrupt your work schedule. This is especially true if you have a large volume of documents to shred, as the shredding truck may have limited capacity and need to make multiple trips.


Noise and Particle Pollution

On-site paper shredding can also be noisy and dusty, which can be a nuisance if you have other activities taking place in the same location. While most on-site shredding takes place at the congested loading bay area, it might cause a hogging issue and create conflict with other users.


Not so Environment-friendly

A final drawback is that most on-site shredders run on internal combustion engines, and there are also environmental concerns with the CO2 emissions from the shredding operations. Comparatively, larger and higher-speed off-site shredders run on electricity, which will be less pollutive.


If you’re looking for an alternative to on-site paper shredding, off-site shredding may be a better option. Off-site shredding involves taking your documents to a shredding facility, where they are shredded using specialized equipment. This can be less expensive and less time-consuming than on-site shredding, and while still offering a higher level of security, as the shredding company’s personnel are typically screened and trained.

In conclusion, while on-site paper shredding does have some advantages, there are also some disadvantages to consider. Cost, time, noise, and pollution are all factors to keep in mind. Off-site shredding is a good solution to provide a good level of security yet without the burden that comes with on-site shredding.

If you are looking is unsure between on-site and off-site shredding or keen to do secure paper shredding, you can drop us a message over here and we assist you. Also, if you want to find out more about when to dispose confidential documents, we have written an article about it too!