KGS Sponsored NUS FSAE electric race car is in the top 10 best design

The NUS students from the NUS FSAE project are at it again in 2023. After a few years of research and development, they finally have manufactured a race-ready full electric formula-styled race car for the annual FSAE competition in the USA, Michigan.

This year is their first foray into the electric category after competing for almost two decades of in the internal combustion category. Yes, it is true that there are many areas of overlap between the two categories, but it is not a simple swapping of the internal combustion engine for an electric one. There are unfamiliar grounds of battery technology, electric motor tuning, and thermal management among many others, where the students must learn as they develop and innovate to optimise the car for performance. With such a major change, the overall balance and dynamics of the car have to be reconsidered as they design the car. Utilising aerospace technology in constructing a light yet strong carbon fibre body, they created a speed monster that will tear up the tarmac in the blink of an eye.

In the competition, the team undergoes various grueling dynamic race events, pushing the physical limits of the car and driver. On top of that, they have to be grilled by judges from the automotive industry on their designs. Despite being new to the category, they have achieved to be top 10 in engineering design and finished 18th overall against some of the best universities in the world.

KGS is proud to be a sponsor and a supporter of the team. The team embodies similar characteristics to the people of KGS. We pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo through grit, innovations, and our relentless attitude toward improvements. These qualities have helped us to grow over the years and still constantly seek improvements to be a better version of ourselves for our customers, planet, partners, and people.