here to help you dispose your E-Scooter (PMD) for FREE!


Don't let your PMD BE A LIABILITY!

Looking for a way to dispose of your PMDs in a safe and secure way? Or missed out on the previous free disposal service?

We are here to offer FREE disposal service for all PMD! Come down to the designated locations to drop off your PMDs!

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Where to drop your pMD?




Blk 850 New Upper Changi Road (S)467352, Open Carpark

Wed, 14 April 2021 – 6:00pm – 8pm



Blk 48 Bedok South Avenue 3 (S)460048, Open Carpark

Thu, 15 April 2021 – 6:00pm – 8pm



Blk 530 Bedok North Street 3 (S)460530, Open Carpark

Fri, 16 April 2021 – 6:00pm – 8pm



Blk 114 Lengkong Tiga (S)410114, Open Carpark

Wed, 21 April 2021 – 6:00pm – 8pm



Blk 2 Geylang Serai (S)402002, Multi-storey Carpark, Top Floor

Thu, 22 April 2021 – 6:00pm – 8pm



Blk 65A Marine Drive (S)441065, Multi-storey Carpark, Top Floor

Thu, 22 April 2021 – 6:00pm – 8pm


Please de-register your PMD/E-Scooter over at

No identification needed.

No. For this program, we will be disposal your PMDs for FREE if you come down to designated location and time to drop-off your PMD.

No. LTA Early Disposal Incentive has ended on 31 December 2019 and we are not part of that scheme. 

There are total of 88 locations across Singapore for the next 7 months.

We will be at the collection point from 6pm to 8pm (2 hours).

We accept and collect all types of PMDs including non-UL2272 scooters.

All the disposal points located in the heartlands have a specific date and time. We will only be there on the stated date and time.

We will need to receive and acknowledge the e-scooter. Therefore you cannot leave your e-scooter there and expect it to be pick up.

We, KGS, are a E-waste company that is supported by NEA to run this program.

Still have questions not answered?

all locations

Blk 962A Jurong West Street 91 (MSCP), Singapore 641962 , top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-10
Blk 764A Jurong West Street 74 (MCSP), Singapore 640764, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-11
Blk 212A Boonlay place , Singapore 641212 , outside Bin Centre6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-14
BLK 664 (MSCP), Jurong West Street 64, Singapore 643664, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-15
Blk 510 Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 640510, Carpark near Bin centre6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-16
Blk 440 Jurong West Ave 1, Singapore 640440, Carpark near Bin centre6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-17
232 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 600232 , Carpark facing School6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-18
9 Toh Yi Dr, Carpark, Singapore 590009, outside Bin Centre6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-21
Blk 268 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4 Carpark, outside Bin Centre6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-22
Blk 377A (MSCP), Bukit Gombak Vista, Singapore 651377, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-23
1 Hillview Rise, Hilview Community Club Carpark, Singapore 6679706:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-28
8 Pending Road 678295, Bukit Panjang Community Club, Carpark near Bin centre6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-29
Blk 544 Bukit Panjang Ring Road Singapore 670533, Bin centre6:00pm-8:00pm2020-12-30
Blk 355 Choa Chu Kang Central, Singapore 680355, Carpark near Bin centre6:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-05
Blk 573 Choa Chu Kang Street 52, Singapore 680573, near Bin centre6:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-06
Blk 305 Woodlands Street 31 (MSCP), Singapore 730305, Top Floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-07
Blk 5 Marsiling Drive, Carpark, Singapore 730005, Facing Woodlands Secondary school6:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-08
Blk 324 Woodlands Street 32,Carpark, Singapore 7303246:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-11
Blk 824A Woodlands Street 81, Singapore 731824, Top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-12
Blk 644A Woodlands Ring Road, Singapore 7316446:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-13
Blk 325A Sembawang Crescent, Carpark, Singapore 751325, Top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-14
Blk 592A Montreal Link, Carpark, Singapore 7525926:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-15
Blk 103 Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 760103, Carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-20
Blk 202 Yishun Street 21, Carpark, Singapore 7602026:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-21
Blk 413 Yishun Ring Road , Carpark, Singapore 7604136:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-22
Blk 465 Segar Road, Singapore 670465, Bin Centre6:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-26
Blk 840A Yishun Street 81, Carpark, Singpore 7618406:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-27
Blk 623 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9, Carpark, Singapore 5606236:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-28
Blk 104C Ang Mo Kio Street 11, Carpark, Singapore 560104, Top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-01-29
Blk 226G Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 (S)565226, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-02-03
Blkl 300 Sin Ming Road (S)575626, open carpark beside Singapore Johor Express Depot6:00pm-8:00pm2021-02-04
Blk 410 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 (S)560410, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-02-05
Blk 237 Bishan Street 22 (S)570237), open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-02-10
Blk 320 Shunfu Road (S)570320, multi storey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-02-17
Blk 265 Serangoon Central Drive (S)550265, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-02-18
Blk 110 Hougang Avenue 1 (S)530110, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-02-19
Blk 235 Hougang Street 21 Singapore 530235, carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-02-24
Blk 150 Serangoon North Avenue 2 (S)550150, multi storey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-02-25
Blk 535 Serangoon North Avenue 4, Singapore 550535, open carpark, outside Hwi Yoh Community Centre6:00pm-8:00pm2021-02-26
Blk 522 Hougang Avenue 6 (S)530522,open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-03
Blk 933 Hougang Avenue 9 (S)530933, multistorey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-04
Blk 454 Hougang Avenue 10 (S)530454, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-05
Blk 59 Anchorvale Road (S)544965, outside Anchorvale Community Club6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-10
Blk 323 Sengkang East Way (S)540323, multistorey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-11
Blk 169 Punggol Field (S)820169, basement carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-12
Blk 259 Punggol Field (S)820259, multistorey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-17
Blk 602 Punggol Central (S)820602, multi storey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-18
Blk 624A Elias Road (S)510624, multi storey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-19
Blk 441 Pasir Ris Drive 6 (S)510441, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-24
Blk 201E Tampines Street 23 (S)527201, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-25
Blk 903 Tampines Avenue 4 (S)520903, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-26
Blk 821 Tampines Street 81 (S)520821, open carpark, near rubbish chute6:00pm-8:00pm2021-03-31
Blk 114 Tampines Street 11 (S)521114, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-01
Blk 145 Simei Street 2 (S)520145, beside Changi-Simei Community Club6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-07
Blk 116A Bedok North Road (S)461116, multistorey carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-08
Blk 218 Bedok North Street 1 (S)460218, open car park6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-09
Blk 850 New Upper Changi Road (S)467352, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-14
Blk 48 Bedok South Avenue 3 (S)460048, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-15
Blk 530 Bedok North Street 3 (S)460530, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-16
Blk 114 Lengkong Tiga (S)410114, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-21
Blk 2 Geylang Serai (S)402002, multi storey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-22
Blk 65A Marine Drive (S)441065, multi storey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-23
Block 21 Haig Rd, Singapore 430021, open carpark
Blk 42 Cassia Crescent (S)390042, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-29
Blk 400 Paya Lebar Way (S)379131, open carpark near Macpherson Community Club6:00pm-8:00pm2021-04-30
Blk 143 Potong Pasir Avenue 2 (S)350143, open carpark beside Blk 143/144/1456:00pm-8:00pm2021-05-05
Blk 96 Geylang Bahru (S)330096, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-05-06
Blk 13A Upper Boon Keng Road (S)381013, multi storey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-05-07
Blk 261 Toa Payoh East (S)3102616:00pm-8:00pm2021-05-13
Blk 78B Toa Payoh Central (S)312078, multistorey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-05-14
Blk 141A Lorong 2 Toa Payoh (S)310141, multistorey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-05-19
Blk 74 Whampoa Drive (S)320074, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-05-20
Blk 45 Boon Keng Road (S)339771, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-05-21
Blk 808 French Road (S)200808, multi storey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-05-27
Blk 9 Gloucester Road (S)210009, open carpark, near Cairnhill Neighbourhood police post6:00pm-8:00pm2021-05-28
Blk 420 Clemenceau Avenue North (S)229492, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-02
Blk 10 Upper Pickering Street (S)058285, open carpark, beside Kreta Ayer neighbourhood police post6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-03
Blk 333 Kreta Ayer Road (S)080333, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-04
Blk 96 Havelock Road (S)160096, multistorey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-09
Blk 64 Lengkok Bahru (S)150064, multistorey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-10
Blk 76 Telok Blangah Drive (S)100076, near community centre6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-11
Blk 48 Stirling Road (S)141048, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-16
Blk 10A Holland Drive (S)272010, multistorey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-17
Blk 2A Dover Road (S)131002, multistorey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-18
Blk 19A Dover Crescent (S)131019, multistorey carpark, top floor6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-23
Blk 721 Clementi West Street 2 (S)120721, open carpark6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-24
Blk 373 Clementi Avenue 4, (S)120373, open Carpark near rubbish chute6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-25
Blk 415 Pandan Gardens, Singapore 600415, open Car Park near Ayer Rajah Community Centre6:00pm-8:00pm2021-06-30