How Recycling Companies in Singapore Help Solve the E-Waste Problem

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How Recycling Companies in Singapore Help Solve the E-Waste Problem

As technology continues to advance with time, the more people produce electronic devices. The more devices manufactured, the more e-waste is collected and end up trashed in landfills. As such, recycling companies in Singapore ensure the safe and proper disposal and reuse of e-waste materials to reduce its adverse effects on humans and the environment.

Singapore alone generates 60,000 tons of e-waste annually, which you can compare to a person throwing out 70 mobile phones per year. With more spending power and newer technology continuously produced, you can expect this number to increase.

Why worry about E-waste?

Electronic devices are composed of a complex mixture of raw materials, including gold, silver, copper, palladium, platinum, cobalt, lithium, and other valuable substances. They’re not much of a problem because these materials can be recycled.

However, if you do not know it yet, e-waste also contains a long list of chemicals and substances that are harmful to both humans and the environment. These include lead, mercury, beryllium, cadmium, polluting PVC plastic, and brominated flame retardants, and many more. These chemicals may leach from the e-waste and end up contaminating our soil, water, and air supply if these electronic devices are mishandled during their disposal.

As these chemicals are non-biodegradable, they can remain in the environment for a long time. Moreover, long-term exposure to these toxic compounds can negatively impact a person’s nervous and reproductive systems. They can also affect one’s bones, kidneys, and hormonal balance.

What You Can Do

As an electronic device owner, here are some easy things that you can do to help in reducing the harmful effects of e-waste materials:

  1. Reduce: Stop making unnecessary purchases. Resist buying a new device unless you need to. There won’t be anything to throw out if you don’t own one, right? Kidding aside, this is the easiest way to help with the e-waste crisis – producing less e-waste. So, if you already own a fully functional electronic device, take care of it and make it last. Do not be tempted with those flashy new gadgets that companies produce monthly. You save the environment and save money at the same time.
  2. Reuse: Rather than throwing out your old TV set, stereo, or gaming console, you should give, sell, or donate them instead. You can also choose to keep them. It may even be of good use to you someday.
  3. Repair: Stop throwing your electronic devices out as soon as they stop working. Try to get them repaired if possible because they may only need a bit of mending. You may choose to fix them yourself through DIY guides made available online or hire the services of a professional.
  4. Recycle: Make this the last resort when it comes to handling e-waste. Some electronic device manufacturers and producers cater to recycling e-waste materials. So, look for e-waste drop-off areas that can handle the safe and proper disposal of these e-waste materials. Doing so ensures that you send these electronic devices to recycling facilities that dismantle and recycle e-waste in an environmentally-friendly way. Before you recycle your electronic device, wear gloves and a mask and seal up any broken parts in separate containers to avoid leakage of hazardous chemicals.

E-Waste Disposal in Services in Singapore

Take part in solving the world’s growing problem on e-waste. As much as possible, try to reduce purchasing new products, reuse functional products by reselling or donating, and repair your devices when needed. If these are no longer viable options, you can always recycle your electronic devices with KGS.  We are one of the recycling companies in Singapore that genuinely understands and will solve your IT waste management needs.