Improper Disposal of Data Storage Mediums Is Costing You More Than You Expect

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In recent months, we are seeing the Singapore government stepping up with stiffer penalties for data breaches. With a quick search on the PDPC (Personal Data Protection Council), you can see that most of the breaches are related to the Protection Obligation.

Cost of data breaches arising from improper disposal

  • Fines from PDPC of up to $1,000,000
  • Reputational damages.
  • Loss of future business opportunities.
  • Loss of good employees due to fear of their personal data being leaked.
  • Competitors gaining advantageous information from your leaks.

What is improper disposal?

  • Disposing of data storage mediums in a form where data can still be easily retrieved.
    • Non-shredded paper document
    • Crumples paper document
    • Hand-torn paper document
    • Office shredder strip cut office document.
    • Untreated hard disk drives
    • Untreated thumb drives and tapes
    • Untreated server equipment
  • Disposing of above items in unsecured places like general rubbish bins
    • Risk of “dumpster dives” where people look through your disposed items to retrieve data.

What can I do to dispose properly and securely?

  • Procure and maintain the following equipment
    • High power degausser to wipe off data of magnetic storage devices like HDD and tapes.
    • Shredder or crusher for storage device like solid-state drives (SSD)
    • Crosscut shredder for paper documents
  • Outsource to professional data disposal companies like KGS
    • Hassle-free and peace of mind
    • Certificate of destruction provided for audit purposes.
    • Materials, after destruction, are sent for recycling.
    • Good for your company, good for the environment.

KGS is the leading paper & electronic data destruction and e-waste recycling company in
Singapore. Got a question about secured data disposal? Feel free to approach us by writing
to [email protected] or calling 6250 2096.