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We provide a one-stop solution for decommissioning your E-waste and used IT Assets (eg Desktop, Monitor, Laptops, Servers, Battery, Network Equipment’s, Printers, Circuit Boards, and other IT Peripherals). Our skilled and experienced team will manage the whole process for you (transportation, data sanitization, and value recovery). As we value our environment, our workflow is carried out in a sustainable way, minimising environmental and social impact. Engage us for IT Equipment Disposal Service!




Being the trusted brand in data destruction, KGS ensure that your data is handled securely throughout the whole destruction process. We provide both on and off-site data destruction services. A Certificate of Destruction will be provided upon completion. We provide various data destruction techniques to cater to the needs of our clients.

– Destruction (Physical)
– Degaussing

Secure Paper Shredding

In KGS, protection of customer’s important data from personal data breach is our priority. We provide both paper shredding and disposal services. We are ISO and PDPA compliant and this will help you meet your audit requirements. A Certificate of Destruction will be issued after the destruction process is completed. Call us today for disposal and shredding of confidential documents!



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