Secure Crushing Destruction Service

Get your confidential equipment and data storage to be crushed, shredded, and destroyed securely in Singapore!

Commercial Crushing Destruction Service

Bring Destruction to the next level

By securely crushing documents, hard drives, and proprietary items such as bags and goods, businesses can effectively eliminate any traces of confidential information, preventing unauthorised access and potential data leaks. This level of protection not only mitigates the risk of financial loss and reputational damage but also ensures compliance with data protection regulations.

Engage an expert such as KGS to crush your items with the highest standard of security!

Our Assurance
KGS Certificates that assures quality and compliance for all our services

Frequently asked questions

Everything! Some examples of items we have crushed are:

  • Old Electronics
  • Confiscated Items from Custom
  • Proprietary materials / products / equipment
  • Medical Reports (scans / x-ray film)
  • ID (Cards / Badges / Licenses )
  • Unused brand names packaging
  • Recalled fashion products
  • Contraband Items
  • Recalled Items

We will provide a Certificate of Destruction for the items being crushed.

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(Vehicle is tracked)


Certificate of Destruction  
Destroy Your Items Securely and Safely

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